This indoor world demonstrates the new Speed Technology recently released with the new version of the Morfit 3D engine. This technology allows high frames-per-second in large scaled worlds. Also note the 3D stereo sound coming from the elevator, which is dynamically changing according to the location of the camera.

If you are interested in building 3D web sites or online games you can start by trying 3D Webmaker .


Press the 'M' key -  this will let you move using the mouse.
Use the left mouse button to shoot.
Pressing 'M' again will return you to keyboard control mode.

Keyboard controls:

'W' - Move Forward
'S' - Move Backward
'A' - Turn Left
'D' - Turn Right
'R' - Tilt weapon upwards
'F' - Tilt weapon downwards
Left Mouse Button - Shoot
Have Fun!
The Morfit Team