3DSTATE's 3D Webmaker is the leading application for creating 3D Websites. Check out the demos below. 
Currently there are no other tools that can compete with the graphics quality, ease of use and flexibility. 
3D Webmaker is the only application that brings to the Internet the graphics quality known in leading games.
Web Sites can be built in minutes using drag and drop functionality. Even if you know nothing about HTML, Java script , ActiveX etc ... you can still build great-looking 3D web sites.



Since version 5.0, 3D Webmaker and Worldbuilder are combined into one application.


  • Please note that the light bulb icon at the top right corner (appears in some of the demos) is a button that you can click in order to activate\deactivate the 3D Card.
  • All the demos were created using 3D Webmaker 1.71


The first high quality 3D Deathmatch fully online

The best truly online 3D game ever made.
Hardware requirements: 3D acceleration card, Pentium3 recommended.
Click here to enter the game.

Speedup your 3D website!
The new speedup utility can be easily used with 3D web sites. This sample shows a very large indoor world which makes use of the new speedup utility,
thus rendering the world with a very high FPS.
Check out this amazing 3D museum site, where you can travel around and see high quality exhibits. An ideal application for online art exhibitions. 
Quake3 Internet
The following demo shows the best 3D graphics available online. We took the best in offline gaming: Id Software's Quake3, and produced an online sample. Requires a 3D acceleration card !
Museum online:
This pretty museum website shows the graphic quality available with version 1.5 of the 3D Webmaker. 

3D Warrior
A very nice demo. Control the warrior in this game like demo. Press Ctrl+Alt+V to activate the 3D card.
The Castle
The 3D Castle was made by Saturn-Soft (www.saturn-soft.net). This is probably one of the biggest and most detailed online 3D world ever created. The current version uses bmp (and not JPG) files so be patient when visiting the castle for the first time. We hope that Saturn-soft will have the time to make a version that uses lightmaps. The addition of lightmaps could enhance the visual quality dramatically and make it one of the best online worlds ever created.
To contact Alex, the man behind this project and an expert on 3D website building please email to alex@saturn-soft.net.
Click here
to read more about this project
Light demo

Several small worlds with good graphics quality. Many light effects.

Racing Car
Drive the car into the castle. Good graphics quality.
Requires a 3D acceleration card !
Country run
A very nice demo !
Going jogging in the countryside. This very large world is very fast to download using 3DSTATE 3D geometry  compression technology (the many bitmaps take more time). 
Multiplaying demo
Enter this 3D exhibition and see the other Internet surfers who are walking inside the show!
Using the Javascript API of the 3D Webmaker version 1.5, one can create virtual 3D meeting places.
An extremely big world. Click on the light bulb icon to turn the 3D card on. Note the Samples Products button at the bottom right corner.
Convert 2D maps into 3D worlds !
Convert 2D gray scaled maps into 3D virtual environments. 
You can also try to convert bitmaps that you made yourself !


Stands Gallery

An online catalog of exhibition booths\stands.

Car Exhibition

Interactive car exhibition.

Corporation Building

Note that when approaching the door, the door will automatically get opened. The picture at the left is a screenshot from one of the building floors (use the elevator).

Light demo
Exposition hall 
Note that you can click on some of the products at the show and view them in 3D.
Click on the 3D card icon (
) to activate the 3D card.
3D cell-phones
Interactive 3D models. Click on the cell-phone buttons. Click on the antenna or click on the cover to open the flipper.


Models Gallery
An old demo showing some 3D models.

More exciting demos