3D Programming
3DSTATE is well known to be the easiest and fastest way to develop 3D applications. We invest a lot of effort in making things as simple as possible. To use the 3DSTATE 3D Engine one doesn't have to use any new data types, no new classes, no inheritance, no COM object interfaces, and no need to understand complex math. This ensures rapid application development since development time is spent on the application itself. The fact that there are no new data types but just simple set and get commands will help your application achieve the following goals:

1-   Total separation between the application code and the 3D code

2-   Platform independence. Applications written using 3DSTATE can be easily ported to other platforms.

3-   3D Engine independence. If in the future, should you want to use a different 3D engine, you will be able to do it quite easily.

4-   Keeping up with the technology race. You don't need to rewrite your code each time there is a new version of DirectX. You just replace the 3DSTATE Engine DLL. You don't even need to recompile your code !

Many of the demos below contain the source code. Take a look at the code and see how easy it is ! 


Commercial 3D Engine
Our Commercial 3D Engine is our latest and best 3D Engine. There are 6 demos in this zip file. The demos here show some of the new features of the Commercial 3D Engine. All the demos come with their full and complete source code. To run the demos, simply download the zip file. Unzip it and run the different demos inside the DEMOS directory.
Features demonstrated are:  shaders, shadow volumes, font engine, alpha channel, direct texture access, more 2D functions, bump mapping, environment mapping and many more. Some of the features are not available with old 3D cards. Like always, the usage of the new features is extremely clear and simple and usually involves calling only one or two functions.

  One Against 100 Planes - Air combat game [25MB]  


    Download this great
    action game.

    The source code for
    the game will be
    available soon !




The sniper game [17MB]

Cool effects. Nice to play. Use the keys 1,2 to change weapon. Use 'E' to open the doors and to pick up items. Use 'R' to reload the weapon.  Uses 3DSTATE 3D engine 6.0

Enjoy ! 


My Worst Day - by Rune Trollebo [34MB]
A great game which is also great fun to play. Rune Trollebo (Trollet) did the programming, the graphics, the sound and all the rest, all on his own as a part-time hobby after work hours. Wow !
You are all invited to visit his website where he tells about how he made the game. To contact the author please email to trollene@online.no


Sectors Of Death [11MB]

An outdoor game with many 3D players, four weapon types and a lot of action.
Don't miss it! The game runs using 3DSTATE free 3D Engine (Version 6.0 non commercial). 


The Trainyard demo [2MB]

Note: Press Ctrl+Alt+F for full screen more ! (after running the demo)

One of version 6.0 beta first demos. This demo demonstrates some of V6.0 3D Engine features (our free non commercial engine)
Automatic support for 3D paper glasses (Anaglyphic glasses)

Improved graphic quality (scene imported from Half-Life).

Improved speed.
Full source code included

The only engine that automatically supports 3D paper glasses 

If you don't have a pair of 3D glasses then you should get one. They cost only $0.4 !
See www.rainbowsymphonystore.com , www.d3.com or others.

The Demo comes with full source code. Versions in VB. NET, C#, Delphi and others could also be obtained.

Once you master this short and simple sample code you can easily use thousands of free models available on the Internet.

One of the 3D characters is naked and others might not be dressed according to the liking of all religions so if you are sensitive to those issues, restrict yourself to just looking at the source code

 Enjoy !