Important compilation note

The demo programs fail to run after compilation and exit quickly ?

Here is a very simple and quick solution.

The reason the program exits fast is because the program cant find the world and sound files (due to a bug in the conversion from VC 6 environment to .NET environment dsw->sln )

To fix it simply replace any "..\\..\\worlds" with "..\\..\\..\\worlds" (adding one level)


"..\\..\\sound" with "..\\..\\..\\sound"

Use Find & Replace to save work ...


STATE_engine_load_world("..\\..\\worlds\\trainyard.STATE","", "..\\..\\worlds\\bitmaps", 0 );

Should be replaced with

STATE_engine_load_world("..\\..\\..\\worlds\\trainyard.STATE","", "..\\..\\..\\worlds\\bitmaps",  0);


Enjoy !

The 3DSTATE Team.