Coming soon: A new 3d - Strategy real-time war game from "Albatross Games"

We take you back in time, back to World War II
where you can command the attacks and battles since 1938 until the fall of Nazi Germany in 1945, including soldiers, tanks, artillery, bomber planes, anti-aircraft and much more! (screen shots of the units below)

All the units in the game are copies of the original weaponry that  was used in World War II .

The game has many new features and realistic approach that makes the battle as real as it can be Including all elements of army and  battle scenes.

The battles you can command are actual battles that took place in World War II in the same location in Europe and identical battle tactics and behavior of the enemy soldiers (the German army).

The game is also designed for multi players where you can choose your units and battle with other users online.

The game will be released in a few months'  time.

Game Model Actual Weapon

Panzerkampfwagen V Panther Sd.Kfz.221
Main gun 75mm ,3 X MG 7.92 mm
Crew: 5
Armor: 110 mm
Speed: 46 km/hr
Dimensions: 6.88* 3.40* 2.98m
Weight: 45.5 ton
Game Model Actual Weapon

Heavy Tank M.26 Persching
Main gun 90 mm MG 7.62 mm (2)
Crew: 5
Armor: 102 mm
Speed: 32 km/hr
Dimension: 8.9* 3.50*2.77 m
Weight: 41.7 ton
Game Model Actual Weapon

B-17 "The Flying Fortress"
Game Model Actual Weapon
Multipurpose Armored Truck
Game Model Actual Weapon
Ground Troops
Game Model Soldiers

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