3DSTATE Projects - Outsourcing services
3DSTATE has successfully developed and delivered applications in many different fields. Since 1997 we have been involved with projects in the field of defense, science, commercial, tourism, games and many more. With all our projects we have focused on:

Delivering a robust flawless application

2-   M
eticulously and religiously adhering to the project milestone timetable.

Face to face discussion with the customer, ensuring that all have the same picture in mind regarding the development targets.

4-   With each milestone we deliver
full documentation of the project code. We pride ourselves with code that is tidy and simple to read.


Below are some screenshots from a few projects in which we have been involved.




Command & Control - Terrain visualization

3DSTATE has been hired to develop one of the most advanced Command and Control applications. The application is being used by one of the world biggest companies in the defense/security field.



3DSTATE has developed 3D weather simulation for Enterprise Electronics Corporation (a US based manufacture of weather radars). The cloud scene on the left shows 3D clouds created and generated by the 3DSTATE 3D engine according to the radar data.


3D generated image. 3D clouds and terrain generated according to Radar data.


3DSTATE has created the first online 3D musem.


3DSTATE has joined forces with Comdex tradeshow to produce the first fully online 3D exhibition.




The graphics quality and the ease of use made the 3DSTATE 3D Engine popular also with architectural applications.




3DSTATE technology was used by Motorola for displaying  interactive 3D phone replicas.



European Link View, a leader in real-time business decision tools uses 3DSTATE technology for creating stores/shelves placement application.



The 3D world seen here was created automatically from regular 2D aerial images. 3DSTATE has contributed its 3D visualization technology to several important projects.
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Automatic generation of 3D environments from DEM/DTM data. This technology was licensed and used by one of the biggest US companies in the field of security.
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The simplicity and stability of our 3D Engine makes it the only 3D Engine that can be used by individual programmers to build complete games/applications in a short period of time.

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The screenshots here are from Rune Trollebo (Trollet)  MWD game where he did all the programming, the graphics, the sound and all the rest, all on his own as a part-time hobby after work hours !