Here you can download David Piuva's VBSDK for the 3DState engine. It contains 10 demonstrations of the engine with source code for Visual Basic 6.

I made it for 3DState to get the full version of the 3DState8 engine.

Because I had the trial of version 8 before it was finished, I could not use any shaders when I made these samples.

If you don't like mirrored textures then you should look at the function STATE_3D_card_set_texture_tiling_mode

Download the samples

My texture editor. I use it for all my games because the world builder don't support lightmaps, renames stuff by random and other annoying things.

How textures can replace a lot of details.

This one is just evil.

How to make a labyrinth game.

I had the idea of making this after a dream about walking on the bottom of the ocean and seeing glowing creatures.

How to debug a game.

The fastest way to learn the difference between OBJECT_SPACE and WORLD_SPACE.

This one shows how to make simple helicopter physics.

How to make black edges without any filter.

How to use many layers and the ALPHA_FILTER with direct texture controll to blow holes in the ground. This sample almost took a whole day to create.

This is a list of free applications that you should download the latest version of.

IcoFX It's good for making icons.

GraphCalc You can use this if the math becomes hard to verify.

Blender It's unstable but it's open source.