Version 2.0 of 3D Editor  

Version 2.0 of 3D Editor has been released. For more details please visit The full source code of the application is now available for purchase (for details please contact our support team)



WorldBuilder 3.0
A great program (and free !) for building 3D worlds.

Includes hundreds of ready made 3D models (tanks airplanes bridges and many more) !




3D  Webmaker 2.0 Including 3D WorldBuilder 6.0 ! [27MB]. Totally Free !


Tucows - "One of the best programs for building 3D Worlds !"


Use the WorldBuilder to create professional interactive 3D environments

Even if you can't program, you can design fantastic worlds using nothing but your mouse.

The 3DSTATE WorldBuilder  is currently used by more than 70,000 people.
The product has received the highest rating in every review including leading brands such as Tucows and CNet.

Whether games, tourism, education, or else - no matter what your project is s about, using the 3DSTATE  WorldBuilder editor  you will get top quality results within extremely short time.

3D Webmaker (for online purposes)
  • No special knowledge is required for the process of creating a 3D web site: the HTML pages, JavaScript code, ActiveX plug in, etc. are all  generated automatically.
  • Easily build large 3D Web-sites such as malls, exhibitions, museums and more.
  • Easy incorporation into any existing web-site.
  • High quality graphics to fit the needs of top notch e-commerce web sites.
  • Brings the high quality graphics and interactivity known in modern games to your website.
  • See online demos of 3D websites

The products are totally free for any non-commercial use. Please note:

Universities and schools can use the products listed here freely (including private universities)  

Freeware application can be created and distributed freely.

Non-commercial website can integrate 3D freely.

Commercial companies must purchase a license.

Requires: Windows 2000 or Windows XP.
Doesn't work with Windows 98 !